[I don't know if it's the right forum to post] [Bug] Animated svgs don't animate when tinted

When you place an image component in perspective, and set it’s PROPS.source to an animated svg image, it’s properly animated in the viewport.
But when you try to apply a tint to it (when you set the variable PROPS.tint.enabled to true) the svg is not animated anymore and stay frozen on it’s first frame (the tint do apply though).

You can still create separate svgs for each color you need as long as you don’t need a lot of different colors/dynamically generated colors.

Ignition Platform
Version : 8.1.4-rc1 (b2021031812)
License : (there’s nothing under “License”)

Perspectibe Module
Version : 2.1.4-rc1 (b2021031812)
License : Trial