I finished IU Credential but didn't know how to claim it

I finished the UI credential, but when i want to claim it. there no button or page to claim it, instead it ask me to take core certification. Is there anyway to claim the UI credential certification for CV and Linkedin?

There is no certificate for 100% IU, only for Core and Gold certs. I guess you could screenshot the 100% status...

But ignition it self share credential certificate on twitter and i got during my search on internet

I didn't think they had a certificate for credentialed. Perhaps reach out to your salee or training rep.

hmm ok, I never got one, although I first got 100% in like 2016...

as @jlandwerlen says, contact your account rep

okey then, thank you for the info and @jlandwerlen you too

Update, i got the certificate. you need to email the training center first then they will send you. @Matrix_Engineering @jlandwerlen