I get a window from the SDK

Can I get a window (Ignition) from the SDK Module and work with it from there? For example, I get a window and that window has a label component. Can I change its text, enable and disable it, etc, from the SDK Module. It would be like use the “system.gui.getWindow(‘windowName’)” from the scripting.

No, working with windows like this programatically with the SDK is not possible.

Is there something specific you’re trying to accomplish?

I’m trying to add a scripting function for the client/designer scope.
In a button in Ignition I’m gonna have “System.MyScripting.getWindow()”
I want this method get certan window from the Client, to be able to get their components (text Field, label, button, etc) and be able to enable and disable them, change its color, etc.