I need help setting up the server. because of large number of tags


I have to configure a server that uses a lot of tags.

The number of tags is over 200,000.

  1. Are there any problems when communicating so many tags?

  2. I would like to know the appropriate server specifications.

thank you for reading!

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Hi, ryan

I saw it.

but I may have to use higher specs than what is listed in this document.

And I would like to know what kind of problems occur if the server specifications are insufficient.

If the server is too slow it may be delayed in subscribing the tags or just generaly run poorly. But the main part to consider is how often you read those tags per second, reading more often will use more resources then lots of tags read not often.

If your system is massive, it might be worth following that guide and splitting your system into a scale-out architecutre, using several IO servers that then feed the data into a front end server.