I need to display some PDF docs

I would like to have something like this, but if anyone has any better Ideas I am open to all.

I would like to have a SQL database table that just holds the location(FilePath) and name of all my PDF files.
(I can create this myself)

Then I want to give the user the ability to display/sort this table and click on the FilePath/Name of the document they need to view and that file will open in a window?


Bind a tables data property to your SQL query

Add custom property “path” to a table component. Bind this path property to your table’s selected row file path

try({Root Container.Table.data}[{Root Container.Table.selectedRow}, "FilePath"], '')

On your table component on the mouseClicked event script

if event.clickCount == 2:
	system.nav.openWindow('Preview Popup', {'FilePath' : event.source.path})
	system.nav.centerWindow('Preview Popup')

On your viewing window create custom property “FilePath” in the root container and bind the PDF viewer component’s File Path property to it.

Thank you so much, I will work on this over the weekend and keep you posted.

Rather than just storing the filepath in the DB, I would go a step further and load the PDF into the DB itself.

As long as they are not colossal files.

Thanks I already do this but I don’t want to store the file in my SQL Database.

This new way all of our doc’s will be on a separate server just for documents. And broke down into location/site folders.