I want to pull in an active Production Floor Map from a MIR Fleet Robot application

I want to develop an application using a current MIR Autonomous Robot production floor map that the 5 Robots use to navigate on the production floor, that communicate thru WiFi with 32 points for pallet pickup and delivery having 3 pallet positions at 16 locations.
I would not know for sure, but would have indication of 2 of the 3 pallet position since that is what triggers the WiFi call for action. I would take that signal as there being a pallet present, then the transfer to the Robot would indicate that was a pallet location too, I would use that to indicate locations then I would show all pallets active in the system and all active Robots.
The Map and Pallet Sensors indicating the current locations are active and I want to develop a Visual Display integrating these items.
I do not know what my options are to start by bringing in the MIR Fleet Map.