IA Demo Project

Just an FYI…

The readme.txt file in the demo project says:

“1) Make sure you have Ignition 7.1.2 or above. If you do not have Ignition 7.1.2 please download it from inductiveautomation.com/downloads.
To check for you Ignition version please login to the Ignition Gateway Configuration section and check under System -> Status.”

I don’t see 7.1.2 on downloads page.


Right, the demo project needs the updated simulator module that is available in 7.1.2 but we have not released it yet. Until we release, you can download the Allen-Bradley Drivers-module.modl from the development section and install it.

You can also down load 7.1.2Beta from the development section

Thanks guys, thought it might have been a typeO…



Even after installing the Beta you still need to install the Allen-Bradley module, least I did. I also had to re-boot to allow the log in, not sure why.