IA for IPAD?

Does anyone know how to get Ignition to work on an IPad? The Ignition homepage indicates that my Ipad has an acceptable version of Java, but nothing will load.

Unfortunately you cannot launch a client on an iPad since it does not have the JRE (Java Runtime Environment). The only way is through remote desktop or VNC.

It seems to me like bad business that Apple decided not to allow runtimes on the IPad - this includes Java and Flash. Hopefully they get pressure to expand its capabilities in a more general purpose way.


I have tried VNC, and it works, but is less than desirable because of the speed and also the quality.

New versions of Remote Desktop work better than VNC.

I tried the Remote Desktop and it works good enough.

We are working on a Mobile Module that will make access from devices like the iPad much cleaner. We’re currently receiving a ton of requests for this functionality.

It’s coming…

I ran and ignition app seamlessly on my iPad.

The way I did it was install the app iRdesktop from the iStore.

This installs a RDP clinent on the iPad.

Using a Remote Desktop Connection to a terminal server when I login it automagically starts the ignition app on the terminal server and serves up the pages to the iPad. Performance is great and it work perfectly.



By using the Terminal Server Software from the developers of iRdesktop (ThinStuff).

You can serve up multiple clients an XP box for very little cost.

So the architecture I am testing is a esxi Server running ignition in a linux machine, mySQL in a second linux machine and XP in a third machine. The XP VM has ThinStuff running and I can serve up pages to an ipad or iphone.