IA Labs PDF Viewer - Need the module

Hello all!

I am new to ignition and am currently working with version 7.6.4.

I need to find the IA Labs PDF Viewer that was available for download. I’ve searched the website for it and have asked support for help with a response of just downloading the reporting module.

Does anyone know where the archived third party modules might be?

Thank you!

Well, IA Labs wasn’t really a third party – just some unsupported stuff put out by IA. All the useful stuff became part of the core products in later versions. And since v7.6.4 is not an LTS, it’s not supported either. I admit I’m a bit confused why a newcomer is using an ancient version…

To make a long story extremely short, ignition was purchased by an engineer who left the company shortly after (the reason for still using 7.6.4). I had this dropped into my lap about a month ago and I’m trying to make it work the way they wanted it to back then so it’ll gain approval for an upgrade.

I’ve been watching the online courses and blending the new instruction with the old to make it work. I have been able to get by so far but I’m quickly running into “We could do that… if we got an upgrade”

I know IA isn’t a third party but the PDF viewer module is portrayed as such through forums, videos and any other tutorials that are around.


Sounds like a story that should be told to a sales agent at IA… (-: