IA Module (adding digital alarm question)

I’m using the following (via IA module) to create a digital alarm:

New optional argument for addTag and editTag called alarmList that is a string. Here is an example of adding a tag with a digital alarm:

system.tag.addTag(parentPath="", name=“N7_0”, tagType=“OPC”, dataType=“Int4”, attributes={“OPCServer”:“Ignition OPC-UA Server”, “OPCItemPath”:"[MLX]N7:0", “AlertMode”:1, “AlertDisplayPath”:“Machine A”, “AlertNotes”:“Notes for the alert”, “AlertAckMode”:2}, alarmList=“Out of Range;Medium;1.0;1.0;0;;;0.0;SEC$”)

What string/command would I use so that the “Driver” get automatically populated with the default? Right now it stays blank until we open the alarm and select it.

The driver name is part of the attributes. So do the following:system.tag.addTag(parentPath="", name="N7_0", tagType="OPC", dataType="Int4", attributes={"OPCServer":"Ignition OPC-UA Server", "OPCItemPath":"[MLX]N7:0", "AlertMode":1, "AlertDisplayPath":"Machine A", "AlertNotes":"Notes for the alert", "AlertAckMode":2, "DriverName":"SomeDriverName"}, alarmList="Out of Range;Medium;1.0;1.0;0;;;0.0;SEC$")Notice “DriverName”:“SomeDriverName” in the attributes list.

cool. thanks Travis