IA_university question

What’s the write answer !!

It looks like you have a trailing space character in your response. Try again without that and you should be good.

I had the same issue once or twice and it was really annoying to have to redo the test - I don’t understand why they don’t strip trailing spaces when they assess the response, it’s like programming-101. I also found a couple of questions where the ‘correct’ answer was actually wrong. While I think Ignition is fantastic, I have NOT been impressed with the quality of the tests.

Likewise, I’m not certain why that isn’t being done already. I’ll have our web folks take a look at this.

I apologize for any frustration you may have ran into. This likely doesn’t help you now, but for posterity, any issues with IU questions (poor wording on the questions, incorrect response parsing, etc) should be directed to our Training department (training@inductiveautomation.com).

Note that we will need some details about any problem IU questions:

  • The Course and Topic the question is from
  • The exact wording of the question

Again, I apologize for the poor experience. Please let us know if you run into any more issues so that we can better improve the IU challenges…

t be honest, IU is one of the best learning platform . if we consider it as starting i can consider it’s amazing starting . we looking for more lessons and tips to be added .
add more examples to be used by beginners for more practices