IA Website Links Broken

I was trying to get to earlier versions of FactoryPMI and FactorySQL for a conversion
project to the new version for a client and noticed these broken links from main linkbar
on the site by selecting the “Ignition SCADA->Legacy Software” links:

support.inductiveautomation.com … factorysql
support.inductiveautomation.com … factorypmi
support.inductiveautomation.com … el-edition

PS: Where can I get a trial version of FactoryPMI 1.8.6 and FactorySQL 2.3.5?

Steven Rosbury
Miller-Eads Automation


I’ve passed this on to the web team.

I don’t think you’re going to be able to find those particular versions, as they’re very old, but you can get the last versions of the products from the downloads section, by clicking on “Legacy” on the left hand side. I don’t think you should have a problem upgrading to those versions, before then going on to Ignition, if you want.