IADemo - Alarm History Page

Hello. Recently I was browsing the Inductive Automation Demo application and came across the Alarm History page. The entire application works beautifully, except for the Date Range component on the top of the page. It seems as if there is no correlation between the selected date range and the range of alarms listed in the table. I am only pointing this out because I plan on using a similar setup on my application and am also having trouble. Is there a fix or an updated version of the demo app?



The alarm page should show all alarms that went active on any date that is included in the selected range as well as all alarms that are still active. For example, if your time range is 12/30/08 11:21 AM - 12/31/08 1:16 AM, you will see all alarms for 12/30/ and 12/31 as well as any currently active alarms.

This is easy to change to match only the alarms in the selected time range. You can do this by modifying the Data binding on the table component. The WHERE clause should look something like:WHERE active_time >= {Root Container.Date Range.startDate} AND active_time <= {Root Container.Date Range.endDate}