[IALabs] OPC-COM Tunneller

OPC-COM Tunneller

Exposes OPC servers accessed through the OPC-COM module through the Ignition OPC-UA server, allowing you to easily access them over the network, eliminated the need to use DCOM, and adding on all of the security benefits of UA: authentication, encryption, etc. This module can also be considered a “UA wrapper” for classic OPC servers.

There are a variety of handy use cases for this module: eliminate DCOM, access remote OPC servers securely, run your central Ignition on Linux and connect to classic OPC servers on Windows, and more! Remember, with Ignition, you can easily remove and add modules. To create a stand alone “tunneller” installation, simply install only (or remove everything except) the OPC-UA module, the OPC-COM module, and the Tunneller module.

Current version: 1.0.0 beta 2
Download link: OpcCom Tunneller-module.modl
Cost: This module will be free, but depends on the OPC-COM module, which retails for $350. If you already own the OPC-COM module, there is no additional cost.
Dependencies: OPC-COM module, OPC-UA module.

To use:

The module registers a new driver for the OPC-UA server. All you need to do is create an instance of the “tunneller device”, and you will then be able to browse the configured COM servers through the Ignition OPC-UA server.

  1. Install the tunneller module in the gateway by going to Configure>Modules
  2. Add the tunnel device:
    o Go to OPC-UA>Devices
    o Click “Add a device”
    o Select “OPC-COM Tunneller”
    The default options are fine.
  3. Configure any COM based servers connections that you want, if they’re not already defined.
  4. Create a remote OPC-UA from another Ignition (or other UA client!), and use the tags as you would locally.

Feedback is encouraged over on the Module Discussion forum.

Updated to beta 2.

o Incorrectly manages multiple subscriptions to the same tag, causing some instances to go stale/bad quality.