IBM Informix jdbc driver


I write for asking help about installing and connecting to an Informix database, I know Ignition has a DB2 jdbc driver but i couldn’t use it to connect the database informix, and so I thought to download de informix jdbc driver.

  1. I created a new database translator from System>Database>Drivers>Translators Tab.
  2. I created a new driver entry
    2b) I Added the jar file(s)
    2c) Configure the settings:
    Class name: com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver
    I tried using the URL format that is in the doc of jdbc driver
    Url Firmat: jdbc:informix-sqli://:/<DATABASE_NAME>: informixserver=;user=<user_name>; password=
    but doesn’t works.
    also I tried an Url like this
    Url Format: jdbc:informix-sqli://:/<DATABASE_NAME>: informixserver=
  3. I created a new connection using that driver
    But I didn’t have exit with connection.

Please if you can help me. i’ll appreciate it very much. :prayer:

Best regards

Carolina :study:

Hi again,

Someone can help me please with a guide for connecting to Informix database?
I tried again to connect with IBM Db2 default driver on Ignition but I didn´t have exit.

Regards and thanks


did you manage to connect to your informix db?


What I did was to connect the Informix DB as linked in the central SQL Server DB for Ignition, then I made the database connection for SQL Server that is done within the Ignition gateway. Hope this helps you.

Best Regards