IcePdf viewer in Ignition 7.5.4

Could you post an example of a script to hide toolbar, and fit in window for the IcePdf viewer module?

Right now the module cannot be changed. There will be changes made to it later down the road, possibly in Ignition 7.7.

I found ways to use the ActiveX pdf viewer to format how I needed. For those that might need it: … sible=true

is a list of methods.

Use “invokeFunction” to set values

My code is set on a timer every 4 seconds:

newbom ="[Client]NewBOM")
currentbom ="[Client]CurrentBom")
viewer = event.source.parent.getComponent(“PDFViewer”)

if event.source.value == 4 and newbom.value != currentbom.value:
system.tag.write("[Client]CurrentBom",newbom.value) # set new path for pdf file
viewer.invokeFunction(“setLayoutMode”,[“SinglePage”]) # show only one page
viewer.invokeFunction(“setPageMode”,[“none”]) # do not show bookmarks
viewer.invokeFunction(“setShowToolbar”,[0]) # do not show toolbar
viewer.invokeFunction(“setShowScrollbars”,[0]) # do not show scrollbar
viewer.invokeFunction(“setView”,[“Fit”]) # fit pdf to viewer size

Hope this helps someone.

Mike - very nice! Thanks for sharing that.

Any way to open the viewer to fit to width selected?

Not that I am aware of. If you are wanting to change the size of the PDF viewer in the runtime, or something like that, you could always stick the PDF comonent in a popup window and then anchor it to the top, bottom, left, and right. This will make a completely re sizable window in the runtime client.

I was curious if anyone has tried 3d pdf’s with this viewer? I also do SolidWorks modeling and I can export 3d pdf’s. I may play around with trying some 3d stuff. My gut instinct tells me that it wont work…

I m prety new with inductive ,as a collage student majoring in computer programming ,I m wondering if my c# pdf viewer can be integrated in Ignition 7.7.

I bet if you rewrote it Java and attached it to a resume you’d get a job interview if not an offer :smiley:

We only use Java in our applications. Sorry apple78. Also, by the looks of your website, you appear to be a business and not a student.