Iconics to Ignition

I am trying to port these tags from Iconics to Ignition. The address in Iconics is “http://***.28.33***:9500/xmlda_10.wsdl#//Alarms/Subsystems/SL300P/1Sorter/Conveyors/1Sorter/Diverts/033DCM/DCMWarning”
I am not sure what to use in Ignition to connect? I have little info on the machine originating the tags. Any suggestions?

LOOKS like I need an XML opc connection. Does ignition have one? I don’t see it in
The standard drivers.

Sorry, there’s no XML OPC connection. First time I’ve ever seen anybody actually using one!

Then what would I use to connect Ignition to the Iconics Datawrx?

It looks like DataWorX may be able to act as an OPC-DA server, but I don’t know anything more about it than what’s on the webpage.

If you can get it set up as an OPC-DA server, you can use our COM module to create an OPC-DA connection to it.

phoulihan - We are coming up against the same issue. It looks as though you need to retrieve data from a color sorter, and we need to do the same. What did you end up doing, or where you even able to get it to work? Thanks!