Icons/Images for documents


Few days ago I had come across a library of icons from IA that can be used to create architecture diagram or sales/marketing documents to represent both technical and non-technical aspects of Ignition in nice manner.

I am not sure if I saw it in Exchange but I am not able to find it. Can anyone share a link of this resource or do we need to talk to our account representative for the same? A link would be perfect so I can finish my task over this weekend.


Perhaps here?


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Yes, presumably the "Architecture Elements" package. You have to be Gold certified. I cannot download these, as I am not certified at all.

Are you sure, I thought you just had to be an integrator to access these docs?

All the others are available to me. That one has a pop-up that says one must be gold certified.

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Thank you @jlandwerlen

This is what I was looking for.

Surely you haven't just been given Guru class and given access to everything??

Reputation only goes so far.