Icons in Gantt Chart

I have a cervellotic idea and i think it’s not possible to realize… but anyway I ask u about it.
I’m tryng to use the equipment schedule or the gantt chart components to realize a gantt chart of the jobsin my project.
I would like to replace the events background with some icons instead of using only colors…but I realized is not possible to do it even trying to manipulate these java components in Ignition.
I looked for some others java libraries but I didn’t find anythnig.
Do u think I have to leave this idea? or someone knows a way to realize it?

Thank you,

It might be possible to construct an add-on module that subclasses the Gantt chart, in order to replace the code that draws the events. It depends on how the component’s methods are annotated - private/package/protected/public. You might want to talk to SepaSoft support on this topic.

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Thank you for the answer…


It sounds like you’re using the Vision components for Equipment Schedule and Gantt chart. If however you’re using the MES Schedule View component with one of our MES modules, drop us a line at Support and we’ll assist you.


Hi Mark,
Yes I’m using Vision Components.
Thank you for your proposal!