Icons in IOS not showing

I have a page laid out with tiles for navigation, usin icons from material.io.

Works perfectly in a PC browser but they wont show in the IOS app. Am I missing something obvious ?

I can scale the PC browser window up and down and the break points change to match that of IOS and the icons show.

Could we see the path you supplied for your icons?
What happens when you do NOT use the app on your mobile device, and use the browser instead?
What happens when you use the browser on a different workstation?

The easy-to-overlook mistake which I’ve seen several times is a hard-coded localhost as part of an image or icon path, which won’t resolve anywhere away from the development workstation.

The path Im using for the icon for example is


When using the IOS browser it does the same thing, no icons. The machine I’m using which it works on is not the server, that’s cloud hosted but it is the machine I use for the designer.

I tried it on a remote PC though remote desktop and that displays the icons.

I figured it out, In the path box there was a return after the path. Icons now show in IOS browser and app.