Icons missing in the material.svg file

I have noticed that the material.svg file that ships with 8.0.13 is not up to date with https://material.io/resources/icons . Does anyone know if there is a more current file available? I can create and add them to the file but it requires a gateway restart each time I come across one that is missing.

Running in the same issue on 8.1.0. Any update on this?

We continuously update the shipped material icons, but don’t yet have a fully automated process in place to fetch new ones. You can technically update the stylesheet yourself or create your own featuring the icons you need.

@PGriffith can you elaborate on where the stylesheet is and where the local material icons are stored? I’m interested in updating with custom icons.

Modifying the existing stylesheet is not recommended, because it’s subject to being removed upon Ignition update - but you can safely make a new copy ‘next’ to the original and add whatever icons you want, and that will persist across Ignition updates.