Icons not displaying in embedded view

I have a simple perspective view that looks like this.
It’s a ViewCanvas with some icons next to it. I have the icons color bound to the selected item in the view canvas.The view displays fine in designer by itself.

If I embed this view into another view I don’t see any icons in the designer.

The circle icons are a custom svg in a new file. The up/down arrows are from the material file “material/eject”

<svg viewBox="0 0 24 24">
	<g class="icon" id="position_dot">
		<circle cx="12" cy="12" r="8" />

The icons displayed properly previously and I’m not sure when it ‘broke’ but I have upgraded to 8.11 nightlty
Perspective Module 1.0.11-SNAPSHOT (b2020031102)

BTW, the embedded view seems to be displaying properly in the browser. I think I first saw the icons missing in the browser and went back to the designer to check. But now the icons are being displayed in the browser.

I’ve noticed a similar issue with icons (both material and custom) not displaying on buttons in the browser and on android in the native app, but displaying with no problem in the iOS app.

This behavior only seems to be happening on this one view. I can embed the view into other views and I don’t have any issues. I’m not sure what going on.