I'd like to change the timer delay inside the timer script

I’d like to change the timer delay inside the timer script
For example execute step 1,2,3 with 5000ms delay, and step 4 and 5 with 6000ms
I’d try to modifiy the delay inside the timer script, but no effect while running.

Any idea to acheive it ? :scratch:

The best way I can think of is to set the timer to 1000ms and create a custom property that sets the value depending on what second it is in an expression binding. Something like:if({Root Container.Timer.value}<5, 1, if({Root Container.Timer.value}<10, 2, if({Root Container.Timer.value}<15, 3, if({Root Container.Timer.value}<21, 4, 5))))The only problem is deciding where to put the custom property, because you can’t add one to a timer component.

Bobby’s method will work best for Gateway and Client Timer Scripts, since there’s no way to change the time base on them.

On a timer component, though, you can bind the Delay property with this expression:

switch({Root Container.Timer.value}+1, 3,6,8, 2000,6000,4000, 1000)

The ‘+1’ is needed because the actual delay timing lags by one Value count.

Perfect! That looks even better than my solution, Jordan.