I'd like to send an SMS when an alarm is acknowledged


I have the alarm SMS module set up with text acknowledgements working successfully.

My question, is there a way to configure the module to send a text out to notify a group when an alarm is acknowledged? i.e. “Pump 1 Fail alarm has been acknowledged”

Also can you set up text notifications when a non-alarm tag changes value? i.e. “Pump 1 is running”

Each alarm lets you choose a pipeline when it goes active, clears or is acknowledged, so you will be able to send out an appropriate message when an alarm is acknowledged just the same as you do when the alarm goes active:

As far as setting up text notifications when a non-alarm tag changes value, you can respond to the value change using a tag event script, but you’ll only be able to send an email, you won’t be able to send a text. Why not put an alarm on the underlying point? The only downside I can think of is that the total alarm count would increase. If this is a problem you can write a gateway event script to maintain your own alarm counters.

Thank you! Got it. For future folks, do remember to set the Acknowledge pipeline properties. uncheck the “Acknowledge” box or it will drop out of your pipeline when it is acknowledged and not send a text.