IDE for Ignition 7... Python 2.5

Seeking advice for an IDE to work with python 2.5 (Ignition V7) while migrating to V8

I have usually used Ignition for designing scripts and this worked great as long as I was the only one developing scripts. As we added another novice programmer we experienced issues that were hard to track (code wise)

I used to copy my code to Notepadd++ and track the versions by folder content. I currently use vsCode for writing and git for tracking (I am the only programmer). We separated our tasks between scripting and window design to alleviate these hurdles.

I have been trying to setup an actual environment using InteliJ, and pyCharm but they do not support python 2.5 (as far as I know). We have several plants still using Ignition V7 and with the newest company acquisition we decided to move to Ignition V8 for these plants with the idea of migrating the legacy plants to V8. Considering the differences between 2.5 and 2.7 (Mainly in the IDE options) I obviously need to manage these separately. Is there a singe IDE that can handle these old python interpreters without having to deal with these without the support of an IDE?

I realize I am late in converting to V8 and this was a strategic decision because of the size of our department (2) and the existing projects dependent on many gateway scripts that may be broken upon conversion. I also realize the longer we wait the more painful the process will be.

We currently have 7 legacy plants and 8 gateways. Within this year they want to add four more plants and many lines to the platform with more on the horizon.

For those of you who already went through this process I would appreciate any advice you can offer.

No real advice for you on the workflow, but older versions of PyCharm did support Python 2.5. You can find them for download here:

Thanks Kathy, I was able to find a compatible version.