Idea for navigation

Hi I need some ideas to do the folowing for my navigation - how to accomlish this

The two buttons on the top Device1 and Device 2 are for opening a general screen and for selecting any one device out of the two , depending on which button was pressed last the floating window from the left should open those 5 windows for that device . and the label should show the Device 1 or Device 2 .
For device 1 and 2 the buttons are the same they only point to different screen
when I am at home is it possible to show lesser buttons with different names ?

You should configure two different Docked Views (which also means two different Views). The “device” buttons should use the system.perspective.openDock() function, and they should supply whatever ID you supply to the Docked View you create for each device.

I only recommend two different Views because this seems to be a simple project which won’t grow or expand in the future. If you do expect this to grow in the future, there are other options I would recommend.

This is vision not perspective