Ideal method to upload the project to the gateway - which steps to follow?

I am wondering what is an ideal method to upload major change in the project to the gateway. Could you please check my steps and correct my understanding:

1 Backup old project - this includes whole gateway backup, specific project back up from the gateway (if needed), databases backups
2 Disable the old project on the gateway and then rename it with some timestamp in the name. This might be convenient if we need to restore it again.
3 Upload new project to the gateway - here comes my problem how can i upload the project to the gateway in disabled state?. Project needs to be disabled because otherwise it will error as it might not have all the tags or database connections.
4 Using designer of the imported project, upload new tags to the gateway. Question - is there any way to import the tags directly to the gateway without using the designer?
5 Add any new database connections if needed
6 Restore any backup of existing databases if there were changes
7 Enable the project on the gateway so it starts working
8 Test the project

Any thoughts on the steps or questions inside?
Best Regards to all the people from the forum

Sounds about right. You can add gateway tags while in any project in the designer, so you don’t have to wait for the project to be uploaded. Doing it while in the disabled old project is fine.

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I wonder if there is an option to import the project as disabled but i dont see any :frowning: I am using version 8.0.10

No, but your reason to import disabled is bogus–you can set up all necessary gateway tags/settings/inheritable scripts before import.

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ok thanks for reply