Ideas on using established data to trend

I'm using Vision... I am trying to establish a dynamic chart so I don't have to lose the use of my old SQL data. I want to chart the previous shift data (6A-6P) by day for a start time one one calendar to the end date on another. I know that there is a "For Loop" in there and I need to create a table using the loop. Then the table is bound to the typical chart(not the easy chart) using the data set. I can make custom properties and such but this data table building is put of my realm of comfort. I don't know how to start the For loop and play with it to get it going. Please help :slight_smile:

If the data is in a SQL Table you just have to bind the chart to a query gathering the data from the table.
Just have the first column be a datetime field and then in the query binding substitute the where clause with values from calendar controls on the window.

I'm bad at asking questions apparently... I have a piece of equiplemt that runs on and off over a day. i want to know the how often it runs over a month only on day shift(6a-6p) as a percentage of the shift.
something like this... then i want to take that table and char it in Ignition. The date range will vary based on the inputs. I need to create the table and then bind the table to the chart. the kicker is making the table as a custom property initially.

I found a work around using a tag historian. not exactly what i wanted but i think there is going to be a bit of coding involved. If so, i will have my guy do it. I'm an old god and new tricks are scary :wink: