Identical database connection won't connect

***Edit. So this is embarrassing. Turns out, just your standard run of the mill PEBKAC error. Username was very slightly misspelled.

Hi all, I wanted to add a new database connection for a different database on the same server as an existing (working) DB connection I have on a gateway. I created the new connection, only changing the database name (same user/pass on the server and all) but it faulted, giving an error:
Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (SSL connection required for plugin ‘mysql_clear_password’. Check if “useSSL” is set to “true”.)
I thought thats odd, because the other connection I have works well with all but the database name the same. So I made the database name the same, too. I have compared these two connections (settings) in separate windows three times and they are 100% identical. Still faulted with the same error.

I’m using the MySQL ConnectorJ Driver. I don’t know what it means by this mysql_clear_password plugin.

Also I found this but I’m not sure about that because as I said, there is 0 difference between two identical connections as far as I can tell.

This is MySql Server 5.7.18 enterprise, Ignition 7.9.6.