Identical expressions in tag and script console don't return the same result

I’m confused by a function that we have, it uses system.alarm.queryStatus() to look for a tag name, and get all child tags and get the highest alarm. Its been working here for years. However, with this one tag, it is acting oddly.

There is an expression tag in the UDT that calls this function, then other things rely on that. Inside that expression tag, is

runScript("shared.alarm.getHighestPriority", 0, {[.]Name})

As I said, it works for everything else. Here, it returns 0. I’m not entirely sure if this is correct, as I would usually use these same functions that the shared.alarm.getHighestPriorty function uses, but they aren’t working right. When I try the equivalent of this same script inside the runScript(), “shared.alarm.getDataSet(tagName)”, it returns -1.

So I have two identical function calls, down to the parameter. One in an expression tag, one in script console. But they’re different. In fact, the script console doesn’t return ANYTHING when I use system.alarm.queryStatus() with the ["%s" % tagName] as the argument. It’s really weird.

Edit: Ignore… Operator error. I had two designers open, was using the wrong script console. Still weird about the diagnostic alarm when there shouldn’t be but I’ll take a look at that first.