Identity Provider not being displayed in Perspective Project Properties

Using Igntiion 8.0.2.

I am trying to set up authentication for my Perspective project. I went to Perspective -> Projects Properties _> General -> Identity Provider, and I did not see the internal User source I had set up. I made a new internal identity provider with a single user just to test, and that too, did not show up in the Identity Provider drop down. What is going wrong?

I tried closing and reopening my designer to no avail.

Hi @bkarabinchak.psi -

The Identity Providers drop down in Perspective Project Properties works off of the Identity Providers that you set up in the Gateway Config Page.

There also exists User Source Profiles. If you want an Ignition type of IdP in Perspective which uses one of your user sources, you have to:

  1. Create the user source (Gateway Config Page)
  2. Create an Ignition type IdP and point it to the user source (Gateway Config Page)
  3. Go to the Designer’s Project Properties, Perspective, General, and choose the IdP in the drop down, hit ok and save the project

If (after doing all of the above) you still do not see your IdP in the list, check the gateway and designer logs to see if there are any exceptions related to identity providers.

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