Identity Provider Not Displayed In Project Properties

I can’t log in to my perspective client (with the login event) using any alternative user sources. I know the sources themselves are set up correctly - when set to the gateway default user source I can log in with them - but when I set them as the default user source for a project, the login fails to recognize username/password combinations other than those in default.

Does anyone have any idea what I may be doing wrong?

In your Project Properties for Perspective, do you have the Identity Provider set to the user source you are attempting to use?

I do not - but unfortunately, my new user source does not show up as an option here (it is an AD source, if that makes a difference).


In that case, you will have to go to your gateway and go to Config > Identity Providers and create a new one. Then select Ignition for the host, then on the next step select your AD source as the user source. That will allow you to use it for the identity provider.

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That did it! Thanks for the help.