Identity Provider option missing

Using Version 8.0.6
I’m trying to setup my user authentication in my Perspective project but the “Identity Provider” drop-down is completely missing in my Project settings. I’ve gone through every Security setting on the gateway and compared it with a project that does work, but can’t find anything that is different.

In designer, under Project Properties / Perspective / General.
The settings look like:

Launch Icon
Project Timezone
Session Timeout

whereas the working project I’m comparing to has:

Launch Icon
Project Timezone
Identity Provider
Session Timeout

Any thoughts on what setting could make this option is completely disappear?


Hi all,

I have the exact same issue, also on Ignition v8.0.6.
The “Identity Provider” was initially in my project properties settings but have now disappeared after I was playing around with some Gateway settings.

How do I get it back without doing a full gateway restore?

Identity providers are now configured at the root ‘Properties / General’ level, rather than being Perspective-specific.
There’s a couple reasons for this - besides being more correct, since we’re planning to eventually migrate Vision to IdPs, it also allowed us to fix some compatibility bugs when restoring projects across different gateways.

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It would be helpful if the Inductive University video was updated. This cost me more than a couple of minutes because the video is very explicit about how to manage this option and I could not reconcile the difference.

Thank you for the information.

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Thanks for bringing that to our attention - I’ll work on getting that updated. Sorry about the confusion

No problem. Thank you for the response!

I Have same problem, cannot find Identity Provider selection in project properties under perspective, i am only allowed to select authnticate, how do i select role based only login.