Identity Providers

Hello everyone,
I need your help.
I have been using the trial version of ignition and everything has been working fine until i decided to reset the gateway. Now I can't work with login, logout, and other authentication functionalities because the Identity provider is not configured.
Does the trial version of ignition have a preconfigured identity provider and how can it be reconfigured? If not, are the third party identity providers free?

I can login to the gateway and even launch perspective sessions.
The problem appears when implementing 'authentication required' functionality
This is the IdP


Sounds like misconfigured security, where you are now not allowed in anymore.

There is hope:

Use gwcmd Gateway Command-line Utility - gwcmd - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation to reset the password with the -p option.

If you can log into the gateway, then you do not need to do a gateway reset. It seems you've simply not completed the necessary project authentication setup. Projects can (and often do) have completely separate authentication setups.

The presence of the temp identity provider indicates that a gateway password reset was done at some point.

Gateway password reset doesn't change any passwords in place, it just creates a temporary auth provider and switches the gateway to use it. You then have to fix your original auth setup to have the desired user and password, and then switch the gateway back to using it. (At which point you can delete the temporary auth.)

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