IDS uEye Camera Connectivity

I’m trying to use the IP camera viewer on a simple window in designer but I’m not sure how to make this work for a locally connected IDS uEye camera. The IP address is static, I can ping the device and I tried the rtsp address with no luck. Does anyone here have any insight on how this can work? I’m going to reach out to IDS as well to see if they’ve had these requests\issues before. Thanks in advance.

I’ve worked with an IDS uEye Camera ( UI-3130CP ) and in my case the camera was “empty”. I mean, without a program to access the camera, I wasn’t able to view anything. For example, when you download and install the IDS Software Suite, there are also some samples program like “Simple Live”. If you run it, the camera will start doing its job.
Basically, for make it work I had to script a C++ program with the IDS Software SDK

Also, keep in mind that Ignition’s IP Camera Viewer doesn’t support rtsp or modern codecs. The protocol must be http(s) and the content must be MJPEG or JPEG stills.