IE ActiveX Component

I have been using the IE ActiveX component (2.6.1 (b342)) successfully in 7.6.4 to run as an interface for a customer’s web-based application. However, a few weeks ago some of the clients, but not all, would immediately close when in the middle of using the application inside the ActiveX control. If the operator used the actual Internet Explorer application to run the interface, then it would work fine. The ActiveX client would work fine the next day on the same computer- it seems quite random.

I understand the ActiveX module is not supported, and there have been topics like this (viewtopic.php?p=36756#p36756) discussing that, as well as the potential for a native web browser that would be supported. Does anyone have some ideas or updates on these topics? Thanks in advance!

There’s a new web browser component on its way for 7.7.

Hi Kevin,

Really? That’s a great news! Can we have more details ?

It… works pretty well. It’s webkit-based and supports HTML5/CSS3. Doesn’t support embedded applets or h264 video though, I think. Flash works if it’s already installed on the PC. It’s not going to be free.

Is there any detail in particular you’re looking for?

Thanks for that input.
We have some trouble with the actual ActiveX with some embedded web pages with java (i.e. SAIA PLC or even Wago). Would like to try if it correct that.
What would be the minimum platform or vision version to run that new web browser component ?

oh, I’ve read to quickly…“Doesn’t support embedded applets…” too bad !

The new web browser component is in Ignition 7.7