IE Viewer refreshes

Hi guys!
I have a table from which I pick I pick a url for IE viewer depending on the selected row:

On the surface, this works okay, but each time a different cell is clicked, even in the same row, the viewer refreshes on the mouse press and mouse release.

Any thoughts on how I can reduce the number of refreshes?

Client tag to store the currently selected row?

Event code checks the clicked row to see if it’s different. If not, do nothing.

It seems that it is refreshing every time the selectedRow changes on the table. Instead you can put a mouseClicked event on the table which checks for the selectedRow and refreshes the IE viewer. Something like:table = event.source data = selectedRow = table.selectedRow if selectedRow != -1: event.source.parent.getComponent("IE Viewer").url = data.getValueAt(selectedRow, colIndex)

Thanks for the replies.

Dunno why scripting it worked over binding it, but it works now… :scratch:

Off to the next crisis! :laughing:

Well, you see the selectedRow property goes from -1 to the value when the dataset reloads or when you change the selected row. This causes other property bindings to refresh. In scripting you are guaranteeing that it happens once.