IEC 61850 Support in Ignition

The topic came up a couple of times in the past years and we see that we are loosing quite some potential in the Grid and automation world without a native support of IEC61850. There are a lot of 3rd party converters but due to the nature of IEC61850 the customers acceptance of another tool doing a conversion is rather low.

Is 61850 something we can expect in the foreseeable future ?


Yes, hopefully by end of Q1 next year.


Thanks Kevin - looking forward to it - is there a closed Beta or something running allready ?

No, it’s not that far yet.

When it’s ready enough it’ll probably be a public beta here in the forum like we’ve done with with the last couple drivers.


I forgot to mention (and maybe it answers itself by supporting IEC61850 in SCADA in general) Are ICD Downloads supported?

Yes, there will be scripting functions for the MMS file transfer services. You will be able to upload files to and download files from an ICD.

I’m also eager to see IEC 61850 MMS and would love to try it out in our Ignition lab.

Our main power systems vendor is not moving very fast on implementing their own OPC-UA server, and this could give us a lift over DNP to Ignition’s OPC-UA server.

We’ve had some issues with DNP in Ignition’s OPC-UA server - we have workarounds for now, but are eager to move past it. Yet at the same time I want to avoid the expense and hassle of another OPC-UA intermediary like Kepware.

Hi @Kevin.Herron
Any update on this?

Development got paused and resumed a few months ago. It’s now planned for either the coming January or February Ignition releases.


Good news, the 61850 MMS driver was just released. It comes with 8.1.25, so if you grab the latest version of Ignition you should be able to try it out. Inductive University videos and documentation have been added as well.


Thanks for the update. I'm also registered for the 61850 webinar at the end of the month - others in this thread may be interested as well.

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