IEC 61850 support

I received an announcement that IEC 61850 support is now included in Ignition. I am in the process of developing a system to talk to Schneider MasterPact MTZ switches via IEC 61850 so this is really interesting to me but I am struggling to find information on the website about which versions support this. I am thinking about an Edge implementation but can someone tell me if IEC 61850 is in the native driver list (not showing in the documentation but maybe the documentation is not up to date) or is it in an add-on driver (again, cannot see it listed) please?


Should be part of core drivers so should work in Edge, limited to 2 devices as usual

Thank you for this. Do you mean that it could only run on 2 edge devices or I can only connect to 2 IEC61850 devices (ACB switches)? I would want 1 screen to talk to 6 switches. Can I purchase an add-on pack to increase the number of devices I could connect to please?

Yes, contact your sales agent at IA.

Thank you very much. I don't have a connection in IA but it sounds like now is the time to get one :slight_smile:


Consider doing your driver testing on a standard install of Ignition where device counts aren't enforced. (The two-device limit is enforced in Edge until you buy a license.)