IEC61850 diver for previous Ignition 8.x version

The IEC61850 Driver has been released for 8.1.25, Is it backward compatible and will this be available for previous 8.x releases.

No, no

Upgrades within a version series (8.1.x to 8.1.x) are free, fwiw.

Hi Kevin

Awesome speedy response :slight_smile:

Backward compatibility - No
Availability for previous 8.1.x release - No

So if we are looking to have IEC61850 support the way forward is to upgrade the Ignition version (8.1.x -> 8.1.25)

Yes, you'll have to upgrade to 8.1.25 (or a future version, if you decide to wait) to have IEC 61850 support. No other way.

Thanks Kevin.