IF statement stuck on last condition?

Good day I have this IF statement:

if({[default]Phase 1 Extrusion/PMR1_Nuemag/L12_BP RPM} = 0,'Off',
	if({[default]Phase 1 Extrusion/PMR1_Nuemag/L12_Reactor Mode} = true,'Reactor',
	if({[default]Phase 1 Extrusion/PMR1_Nuemag/L12__BoPu_ByPass_Mode} = 4,'Bypass','Manual')))

The condition is active for it to be in the 'reactor' mode, but im getting a return of manual. Any tips or advise?

Thank you

Can you screenshot those tag values in the tag browser?
Also, I'd suggest to reformat the expression slightly to make it a little easier to read and edit:

if({[default]Phase 1 Extrusion/PMR1_Nuemag/L12_BP RPM} = 0, 'Off',
if({[default]Phase 1 Extrusion/PMR1_Nuemag/L12_Reactor Mode}, 'Reactor',
if({[default]Phase 1 Extrusion/PMR1_Nuemag/L12__BoPu_ByPass_Mode} = 4, 'Bypass',


Using the values in your screenshot, are you expecting it to still return "Reactor"? As the condition to return this is currently False (L12_Reactor_Mode is False)

I just found the issue. It was a tag issue, the addressing in the source where it got pulled from was wrong. I have corrected it.