If this is not a language supported by Ignition

What should I do if it's not a language supported by Ignition in a situation where I get information using a script from the perspective of Ignition?

What language? What is the problem you are experiencing? Is it a text display issue?

If you look at the attached picture, you used a script, but if you bring all the information about the DB, the language comes in well without breaking it.

But if I only pull out the information I want and bring it, the language will be broken.

What should I do in this case?

It's still not clear to me what this means, but in my experience working with special characters from various languages, the characters often have to be cast to unicode to get them to work correctly. This is due to the antiquated way python 2 handles strings. Try putting the information you want into a unicode() cast to see if that corrects the issue.



Thank you for the information. Thanks to you, it was solved.