iFix conversion

Hi there. I’m trying to build a case for my customer to switch to Ignition. They currently have a large iFix 5.5 deployment. I’m just wondering if there are any direct conversion tools or methods out there that might avoid us having to redo everything from scratch. Also to discuss with someone who’s done this.

No direct conversion tools but it would be a bad idea to do a direct conversion anyways since the two products are nothing alike.

My company has done a conversion from iFix. My best advice is to have a copy of iFix and Ignition side by side and port it over. There may be some others on this forum that have developed tools to quickly convert the tags in iFix to tags in Ignition.

I’d say what @brandon1 said. In addition you have to decide what Ignition display technology you will pursue: Vision or Perspective.

Building with Vision is probably more similar to tradition HMI systems, but from what understand Perspective is the future path. However it requires a different skill set to fully leverage it.

OTOH the benefits of Perspective are things that are difficult/impossible to replicate in a traditional HMI.