IFrame 404 File or directory not found

When I enter a path in the iframe and it doesn't find it, I get an error message which I have opened the topic for.
Is there any way I can handle this?
If the specified path is not correct then look for another one.
I was thinking of try except

Does the page you are trying to view allow inline framing?
Try replacing the URL with another. I use http://neverssl.com for stuff like this. It just has a simple home page.

I will describe the exact story:
When the meter finishes measuring, it runs a script and saves the measured data in PDF format to a specified folder structure (I want to display this). e.g.: http://abcde:8889/PDF/02_Shaft/X/Y.pdf.
but sometimes it does not save the whole data at once, but in this format
X= partNumber
Y = serialNumber
Sometimes the meter program does not save it directly to the partNumber folder, but just puts it in the 02_Number folder with the format if you use "@".
Sometimes it settles after 2 minutes ,but sometimes it takes a few hours.

IFrames generally cannot interact with the page into which they are embedded, and it is all at the browser, so there's simply no way to make a try-except structure. The only approach I can think of is to verify the validity of the URL via httpClient before you ever allow it to be used in an IFrame.

Thnaks, it's works :slightly_smiling_face: