IFrame Question - Perspective in Perspective IFrame

I have two servers, PLANT and CORP, both part of the same enterprise domain. Both are running Ignition 8.1.22. On the CORP server I have many jobs talking with enterprise-level systems running in the data center, and applications to display the results. On the PLANT server we are are running HMIs and shop-floor applications. I would like to display a Perspective page from the CORP server in an iframe on the PLANT server. It does not work currently, and I'm not even sure where else to start looking for logs as I don't see anything in the PLANT server logs. Any suggestions?

Hey tim.schultz,

Can you elaborate on why you're using the iFrame? You should be able to use the CORP server's Perspective session URL directly in the web browser on the PLANT server side, given that your network configurations are correct.

Essentially I'm trying to embed a CORP server page inside an auto-hide dock on a PLANT Perspective application. Functionally, I have division-wide process instructions & safety standards available inside my CORP server, and want to display them as needed on the PLANT server without distributing the data.

The PLANT application is an HMI running on a touchscreen, in full screen mode. If I open a new tab in a browser, it becomes much harder for an operator to navigate back to their HMI.

Hey tim.schultz,

Thanks for clarifying. I did a simple test on my end and ran into an error as well. When you said the page was not working, is this the error you were receiving?

Please open up a ticket with our support team so we can document this and find a solution.

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I'm looking to do the same thing, embed a perspective project from a different ignition server in an iframe and get the "server refuses to connect" error. Has a work around been found?


Did a solution ever get found for this issue?

any solution?