Iframe xframe issues, not authenticating

Hi all,

We are trying to open a Perspective session within a browser based MES system.
After disabling x-frame the session starts but stops at Authenticating …

SAMEORIGIN does not work
Allow-From makes the Gateway not start.

The MES system prefer Internet Explorer 11.

Any ideas, please?

I’m guessing that the space in that additional argument might be causing an issue. Try using double-quotes for the value, e.g.:


In addition to the issue pointed out by @Kevin.Collins I think you may also have a problem using IE11, which is not supported by Perspective.

Thanks, will try again tomorrow. We tested with chrome as well.

Bit unsure if allow-from is supported by chrome?


Using ALLOW-FROM as suggested by Mr. Collins does not get us any further.

Opening the Perspective project as a own tab in the same Chrome browser goes straight in. Its public.

Opening the Perspective project inside the MES frames, its just trying to authenticate over and over.

Are you using Ignition’s built-in IdP ? If not, you will also need your Identity Provider to change their Content Security Policy.

We’re using the built in idP. Any more ideas? :smiley:

Will call support when they open in an hour.

I am currently having this problem. It keeps authenticating on the MES screen. How did you resolve this?

Replaced the MES with Ignition. :grin:

Did you mean it won't work? We have the MES covering 80% of the screen and we want the ignition to cover the remaining 20%

You will have to run older versions of your browser or somethink like that. Its a security issue.

okay...thank you