[IGN-1036] Use relative path to ignition folder in SQLite Connect URL


I want to use a relative path to ignition installation folder in SQLite Connect URL, so when I backup and restore my gateway from a windows OS to Linux the URL still working for me.
What is the correct syntax for it?

For example:
C:/Program Files/Inductive Automation/Ignition/data/projects/HMI.db
to some thing like that:

There’s supposed to be functionality to do this using a placeholder in the connect URL, but it isn’t working in 8.1.0 - we’ll provide this in an upcoming version.


Greate. What is the syntax?

It will likely be a placeholder in the URL you provide at the database connection - something like ${data}/path/to/file.db, where ${data} automatically resolves to the local gateway’s data directory.

8.1.9 adds support for ${data} and ${local} as placeholders in SQLite’s connect URL.

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