[IGN-1477] Report Page Numbers Not Working

I have a simple report with a header, a table, and a footer. The footer has the page number. The first page is displaying the footer correctly (“Page 1 of 5”). But all of the following pages show only Page @Page@ of @PageMax@.

I also tried with just @Page@ and @PageMax@ and they do the same thing. They work on the first page but not on the others.

I am using reporting module 5.0.10 (b2020031912).



The page numbers do not work for pages that are created by table overflow (ie longer than a page). The page numbers do work properly for all pages that are defined in the designer

Bumping, Report Module version 6.1.18 (b2022061518) continues to have this issue. As mentioned above using ‘@Page@ of @PageMax@’ does properly number the predefined pages but not on any table overflow pages.