[IGN-1485] Designer acting strangely

This is the second time I have come across this situation, and the first time it went away after re-opening the program. But this one won't leave me alone!


I have the drop down selected, but the outline is offset. In this particular view, all the components are doing this.

Any idea why and how to fix this?

That's Perspective so I've added the tag to your question.

I've seen the problem on a couple of occassions where Designer seems to get confused. Closing the view and reopening it seems to fix it. Alternatively select the root in the Project Browser and then reselect the dropdown.

What's your Ignition version? We updated JxBrowser in the Designer fairly recently to a much newer version of Chromium that has a lot less weird rendering issues.

@Transistor I thought I added the Perspective tag, thanks for the edit!

@PGriffith 8.1.28

This happens for me when I have a flex container inside a coord container. Whereever the flex is located, the bounding boxes of the flex components are always located as if the flex container is in the top left of the coord container; the positions of the flex components are not offset by the location they are in the coord container

I think that's the only time I see it happening here as well. I didn't think about that until you mentioned it, but the last couple of screens I have been designing with Flex-Coord-Flex nesting.

Perhaps this is a bug? @cmallonee

You will also see this behavior if you have coordinate container set to percent.


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This is an older bug that we're aware of. There are several ways it presents, but it seems like flex containers inside of coordinate containers or vice versa are both pretty reliable.

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