[IGN-1537]Perspective Component param tooltips

Is there any way that we can supply these tooltips for our own View custom params? If not, can this be added as a feature? This would be invaluable for passing resources around to other colleagues (and even yourself 6months down the track when your well-named param at the time isn’t so obvious now :confused: )



These get saved in the jsonSchema of the component itself.
Im pretty sure you cann’t declare custom variables there and even if you could these would apply to all the components and not the single one with the variable.
So i doubt this is possible atm

We have a feature in the backlog to allow defining your own schema for view parameters, such that you could do all the things we can do in props - define enums, define ‘suggestions’, define tooltips, etc.


That would be amazing! Very helpful for sharing resources🙂

What about supplying default members for things like array elements? E.g. Similarly to a flex repeater’s instances prop that pre-populates a new array element with the instanceStyle and position.

Yes, that’s driven by the schema as well.



Really looking forward to this feature.

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Hi. Any news about this feature? is it available or not yet?